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SMA WR STP 12000TL Dis/ESS/RS485/BT /MFR/Sunclix

65.092,50 (DKK)

SMA WR STP 12000TL Dis/ESS/RS485/BT /MFR/Sunclix

65.092,50 (DKK)
Total 65.092,50 (dkk)

About us

One of Denmark's leading distributors of solar

Solenergi Danmark is the epitome of quality, prompt delivery, linear warranty and the best prices. We have a dedicated staff with many years of experience in solar cells. So we know what we are talking about and can therfore advise you the best way when you need to invest in solar energy, and we can give you an overview of all the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Professional installers

We have a nationwide dealer and installer network, which ensures quick assembly and local ekspedition. We make sure that we have the best partners to install your solar PV. We do therefore certify our installers and call them "solarteur". For us is a solarteur a professional who can give you the best guidance on how your solar PV should be. The solarteur is your specialist and find the answers to all the questions you have about solar cells. Either he has them ready by hand - otherwise he finds the answer for you with our help. You can read more about our installers here.

The fastest delivery - that is our goal

Since we work directly with the world's largest manufacturers, we ensure that you can get your solar array very quickly. Typically, it takes one week from the time you give your order until the goods are with you - ready for setup.

Industry leading warranty

The market today is filled with solar panels with different qualities and guarantees. It is very difficult for ordinary customers to spot high quality from low quality, as the price unfortunately does not always reflect quality. We have deliberately opted out panels of low quality panels, because we want to be on the market in 30-40 years to serve our customers, and we believe that we will get the furthest by offering you high quality. We ensure the quality and warranty of the arrays for our installers and retailers, so you are faced with a el-generation of at least 80% in 25 years. You can read more about our products here.

Quality at the best price

The company was established in 2003 and was converted into a corporation in 2008 and where one of Denmarks 5 greatest solar cells dealers. If you have questions about Solenergi Danmark, our installers or our products, please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable staff on telephone 50 720 700

If you look at the quality of the solar cells, we have always been the cheapest on the arrays we sell. We started with the vision of all homes to have a solar PV. The first thing we did was to lower the price of the arrays, so it made sense to buy an array. It was subsequently made more attractive by the government lowering the years of payback and giving high profit right from the start. Quality at the best prices are keywords for Solenergi Danmark and our customers will honor the best safety of the market and can look forward to Danish service in the future if they would need it. You can read more about our products here.

Our products give you a green conscience

Each time a solar cell is mounted, we have saved the earth for unnecessary CO2 emissions. We really like the fact that our products are helping to make the earth greener and a better place to live.

We are also pleased that our customers will have the opportunity to acquire very best solar cells. We are aware that a photovoltaic system is a great investment for anyone and it is therefore important to us that you get the opportunity to buy the best you can get - with the best service and the best price.

Trykprøvning og påfyldning af væske i jordslanger (en kreds)

Trykprøvning og påfyldning af væske i jordslanger (en kreds)

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